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Back in shape, personal boot camp

For the whole five-day programme I am your personal fitness trainer. We will work together on your body for about four hours a day, concentrating on your chosen fitness strategy (strengthening, toning, stretching, fitness etc).

Personally, I am not a particular fan of indoor gyms (although I do believe in their benefits), but rather I prefer to take nature as the playground for all physical exercises and to use our own bodyweight as oppose to lifting weights. We have our apartment balcony or the beach (extremely close by) for any kind of training. We also have the ocean to swim and the beautiful cliff path to run at our disposal.

You will eat from my healthy food kitchen, however, if you are on our ‘back to shape’ or ‘lose weight’ programme, I will reduce some calories from the meals. If your desired focus is to build up strength then I will provide you with delicious non-animal proteins.

This programme is particularly for people who have been lazy for too long, as well as those wanting to train for a marathon.

Daily schedule:

07:00 Herbal tea / morning stretches
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Personal training (2 hours)
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Personal training (2 hours)
19.00 Dinner

What you will take home:

• a body that feels great, fit and strong
• a heart that pumps properly
• an individual training program designed for you, which you can practice anywhere
• a nutritional report as a guideline for what to eat in order achieve your ideal body

Contact me for further information or to discuss your specific needs diana@algarveyoga.com

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