When I was first given a yoga book, it felt as if someone had given me a guidebook for the path to my life. The five principals of yoga: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking/meditation, all fitted me just right.

I later qualified as a Yoga Teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in Austria.

I'm still influenced by Sivananda Yoga, but through the years I got into many different styles, visited many workshop and I learned from many teachers and most of all, from my own students . I'm mostly inspired by my yoga teacher Teresa Caldas - an amazing woman with endless knowledge and wisdom and joy.

Yoga (the union between one's individual consciousness and the universal consciousness) has brought a lot of health and happiness into my life. This is what I love to pass on to my students: an inspiration to their own path of health and happiness.

I teach in some of my own Yoga Retreats (Algarveyoga) and one local class (see details below) 

Local class

Every Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00 @ Almaverde  • 120 MINUTES

Yoga Style: Vijnana Yoga
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  • 10 Euros per class for drop-ins

  • 8 Euros for irregular locals

  • 7 Euros for regulars

Everybody is welcomed to the classes. The level of tuition is adjusted to the experience of the students. For the weeks while I'm running the yoga retreats, my friend Claire is usually replacing the class.

If you have any questions regarding my local classes, please contact me on: 00351 962492607 or email me in the Algarve

Private one-to-one classes in the local area are charged at 40 Euros per hour.