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Yoga in the Algarve connects your body, mind and soul together with sunshine, ocean and vibrant people. Experience Yoga in a serene environment. Connect with your inner spirit.

Our Yoga Retreats incorporate all aspects of Yoga like Postures, Breathing, Energy Work, deep Relaxation, Meditation as well as Surfing, Detox, healthy Cooking and happy Lifestyle. Ayurvedic Nutrition and alternative Therapies can also be included with our Yoga Retreats.


Upcoming Retreats


Yoga Surf Holiday
30 June-06 July 2019

The Yoga Surf Holiday is for surfers wanting yoga, for yogis learning to surf, or for anyone wanting to experience both yoga and surfing (beginners welcome!). Enjoy!

Yoga Detox Retreat
13-19 October 2019

The Yoga Detox Retreat is our most popular yoga retreat. Whether you are new to yoga, or an accomplished Yogi, you will enjoy our specific detoxifying blend of Yoga postures.

Yoga Delight Holiday
07-13 July 2019

We believe our Yoga holidays pure unforgettable bliss: Yoga + meditation + relaxation + lush and delicious vegetarian food all surrounded by amazing oceanic environment.


Sing and Dance

Algarve Yoga likes to remind you to reconnect with your joyful spirit and playful heart, rather than taking life too seriously... Surfing is much more than just riding the waves – the salty water clears the overload of thoughts in the head, makes you live in the moment and brings out the inner child in you. This, together with Yoga and healthy Food will raise your vibration and remind you to sing and dance in life again...



Just be...

Algarve Yoga likes to provide you the space and offer you tools to 'just be'... do nothing, plan nothing, be nobody special, undo and sit in your inner peace – even when the western world spins around you. Coming on our holidays, you won't need to plan and make decisions about what to do or what to eat... we provide everything for you and we even do the washing up!

'' True strength is a heart full of love'' (Mooji) – let's go and find it!


Explore Nature

It's easy to ground and connect to the earth and water elements when spending time in the southwestern Algarve with it's Natural Park Costa Vicentina. Energetically this is a very powerful area. Our venues to run the holidays are carefully selected to keep you in touch with nature, which ultimately will help you to stay in touch with your Self.


Healthy Cuisine

Food is an important part of our holidays as believe it has a big impact on how you feel and we want you to feel good and vibrating high by the end of the week... We provide fresh food only, most of it purchased by the local farmer's market and whenever possible, organic and prepared with lots of love. For all of our holidays we follow a balanced vegetarian/vegan diet and stay away from stimulants that make your mind unnecessarily busy. You may also go home with some new inspiration and cooking skills.


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